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Rosa Khutor resort


It boasts a location very close to the slopes, advanced technology, amazing ski slopes designed by the globe’s leading experts, and the highest service and safety standards. Rosa Khutor is a prestigious resort that is nonetheless open to all. It is easily accessible via various transport options and offers a wide variety of activities for guests of different ages and families with children.

To discover

Projects include a cutting-edge artificial snow system that guarantees a ski season of up to 140 days a year, depending on the altitude of the trail. The combination of subtropical coastal air and mountain water makes the resort’s snow particularly soft. The resort operates year-round. We offer winter and summer activities, as well as various cultural, social, entertainment and business programs.

Useful Information

The first-rate level of service and diverse opportunities for leisure confirm the special status of Rosa Khutor as one of Russia’s leading resorts: boutiques, restaurants and cafes, beauty salons and wellness clubs, karaoke and an ice-skating rink. Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of a true year-round resort!